Token List
TERA is a high-performance smart contract platform based on POW consensus, which is the only cryptocurrency that utilizes POW consensus to improve TPS and scalability. The mainnet can achieve TPS while keeping security and decentralization provided by POW. TPS is currently up to 1000+.
Bismuth is the first Python blockchain and it comes with default decentralized applications and tools out of the box. Bismuth also offers optional hyperblocks as a pruning mechanism, a system which greatly reduces disk space usage and increases execution speed. Together with Tor support and transaction mixing decentralized application, Bismuth offers top-of-the-line privacy features.
The DERO Project has written a unique new blockchain technology that is based on the Dag and CryptoNote protocol with double spend protection. Dero's goal is to create a unique state of the art blockchain technology with enhanced reliability, privacy, security, usability, and portability by bringing together some of the best proven technologies like the CryptoNote protocol and smart contracts, thereby allowing for the creation of truly private smart contracts.
Turtle Coin is a fun and anonymous cryptocurrency that is suitable for rewarding your friends or for commercial payments.
Ergo was created in response to stagnation in the blockchain area. It implements various technical and economic ready-to-use ideas that add value but do not reduce the known advantages of blockchain systems. Ergo’s primary focus is to provide an efficient and secure way to implement financial contracts, which are the most widely used application of blockchain technology. It is created to provide an easy way to use financial contracts by ordinary people, that should be able to use them in a decentralized manner without any trust. Unlike the traditional financial system, no bailouts, blacklists or other forms of discrimination should be possible on the core level of Ergo protocol. Ergo protocol is designed to be survivable in the long-term, making it useful to implement contracts for a period of a person’s life and also enabling it to be a good store of value.
PascalCoin is a ‘next generational’ cryptocurrency which solves most issues plaguing the present day blockchains. With a truly infinite scalable blockchain and transaction speed of 1600TPS, a simple account number (PASA) and an architecture which allows for comprehensive privacy, it's extends the blockchain paradigm. PascalCoin introduces a revolutionary, low-memory GPU- and ASIC-resistant hash algorithm called Random Hash.
VF Cash is a mineable cryptocurrency built from the ground up featuring cutting edge cryptography and the world's first Proof-of-Key algorithm. Lightweight, secure, and fast, you can use VF Cash to safely and effortlessly send any amount of value, whether it is a micro payment for an IoT device or vast sums transferred between institutions. Transactions are instant and there are no transaction fees.
Grimm is developed based on Baldwin and Clark’s concept of Modularity: Breaking a technology or process into functionally relevant components. In a Grimm structure, modules can easily be addaed or swapped out, upgraded, and adapted in different ways for different systems. Enhanced Privacy and Scalability resulted from the implementation of magic Mimblewimble protocol. No founders TAX. All mining rewards go directly to the miners. No ICO, STO, IEO, Premine. No transaction fees. Built-in GPU and CPU mining capabilities enables Two-click mining.
Beam is a cryptocurrency that demonstrates an emphasis on privacy and anonymity with Mimblewimble implementation.Without address information stored on the blockchain and keeping transactions private by default, Beam is meant to give control over privacy to users and scalability in it’s compact design. Having no premine or ICO, Beam is backed by a Treasury and designated a non-profit foundation to govern the protocol.
A secured Web 3.0 platform designed for enterprise-grade decentralized applications. Dune Network intends to become the most secure, and viable, Blockchain platform for business applications. Dune Network is, both, a public ledger that uses a working Liquid Delegated Proof-of-Stake (LDPOS) with its Dune (DUN) token, and a free software platform that can be used to instantiate private blockchains, with a focus on security, correctness and ergonomy.
Peg Network Token (PEG) is the PegNet token that summarizes the value of the set of pegged tokens in the market. PEG can be converted into any pegged asset and any pegged asset can be converted into PEG.
PFCT is the pegged token of the Factom protocol token FCT, and it is acquired through either burning FCT or trading in the market.