What is VGATE? What is relationship between VGATE and ViteX?
As an operator of ViteX, VGATE is responsible for listing coins, deposit and withdrawal, cryptocurrency marketing and promoting and other services within VGATE's own marketing area.
VGATE has complete capabilities as an operator, namely the capabilities of operating VGATE and its cryptos. In addition to helping users list cryptos, deposit and withdraw, and adjust transaction fees, VGATE can also mint coins, help other operators mint coins and run their gateways.
How to list a coin on VGATE?
There are two methods of listing a crypto on VGATE, voting for listing and paid listing. Please fill in this application form and apply for a listing: https://forms.gle/WfgFJ3PhMotis4Jk7
How to vote for listing?
After the applicants filling in the form, VGATE will screen out a certain amount of high-quality cryptos and let the community vote for listing.
VGATE allows applicants to promote and appeal their own communities to vote for listing. VGATE will list the top 3 cryptos with the most votes on ViteX. After VGATE selecting the qualified cryptos, ViteX will add them to its markets automatically after completing the development of gateway service, issuing, deposit & withdrawal service and its first trading pair.
How to apply for a paid listing?
For ERC20 tokens, you need to pay accordance service fee. please fill in the application form first, and VGATE will start to list after confirming service fee received.
For coins: Please fill in the application form first. After operators reviewing the coin and syncing the result with the applicants, then the applicant pays for the operator's service: basic service fee for listing the coin on ViteX within 1 month or advanced service fee for listing it on ViteX within 2 weeks. The listing will begin after VGATE confirming the payment, and the trading and the service of deposit & withdrawal will be available after publishing the official notice to ViteX users.
What is the difference between voted listing and paid listing?
We will combine the cryptos selected from the application forms and the cryptos selected on market to let community vote. The top 3 cryptos with the most votes will be listed on ViteX for free.
The development cycle of the selected crypto will be based on the votes and development scheduling.
How to deposit & withdraw BTC and ETH?
Users can deposit BTC and ETH on Vite web wallet, namely ViteX, and swap BTC and ETH into that on VITE public chain. After completing transactions on ViteX, users can also swap BTC and ETH on VITE public chain into BTC and ETH on their mainnets and withdraw from your personal asset.
How to deposit and withdraw other cryptos (except BTC or ETH)
Users can fill in the corresponding crypto url of VGATE in Vite web wallet, namely ViteX, and deposit and swap into corresponding cryptos. After completing transactions on ViteX, users can also exchange the swapped tokens and withdraw from your personal asset.